53 Foods That Start With B (Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, And More)

by Alan Young

In this post I have added all the foods that start with B.

I’ve started with fruits, then vegetables and herbs. Then I’ve added the desserts, snacks and other random foods that start with B

Lastly I’ve added the meats that start with the letter B.

Have fun checking out this list.

Let’s get started!

All The Foods That Start With B

Fruits That Start With B:

bananas on a table


Bananas originated from Southeast Asia. They are one of the longer fruits that you can buy at the store. An interesting fact is that, technically, a banana is a berry and not a fruit at all.


A blackberry can survive on the shelf for about a week, making it a very easy berry to keep around. these berries are a hybrid and can be connected to dozens of other berry types across the globe.


Blueberries, despite their name, can also be purple when picked in batches. They are very popular in North America and can be found very easily when they are in season.


This is another berry hybrid. This berry takes 2 berries from Europe and two berries from America and forms the boysenberry. They are pretty easily spotted due to their blackberry style and maroon color.

Blood Orange

The blood orange is a lot like a normal orange but the meat inside of it is more of a blood color rather than the lighter orange/white that you would find inside of a normal orange.

Babaco Fruit

This fruit is very popular in Ecuador. The fruit is most popular there because that is where it is most native. This means that getting your hands on one might be a difficult task, but not an impossible one.

Bacuri Fruit

This fruit tends to fall from trees as soon as they are fully ripe. They will usually fall between January and April as this is when their season is. The outside is a hard shell like a nut or a coconut, but there is delicious white fruit hidden inside.

Bael Fruit

The bael can be considered very bitter depending on how sweet you like your fruits. While the name of the fruit is Bael, there are many different names for this fruit all around the globe.

Balsam Apple Fruit

This fruit is invasive almost anywhere there is hot and humid weather. The look of the fruit makes it a bit scary to interact with but a lot of people swear it is one of the best fruits they have ever had.

Barbadine Fruit

These fruits are mostly known to be bigger versions of the passion fruit. If you are a fan of passion fruit, there is no reason you wouldn’t like this.

Beach Plum Fruit

These fruits are mostly found between Maine and Maryland on the East Coast of the United States. This means that if you want to try one of these cute little berries, you will have to travel to that area of the world.

Bignay Fruit

These small little berry fruits are another food that starts with B. They are most known to grow in southeast Asia. They look like colorful little peas when you spot them in the wild except that they are usually red, black, and yellow.

Vegetables And Herbs That Start With B

bowl of broccoli that is a food that starts with b


This is a very common leaf and you can find it almost anywhere if you are looking hard enough. Though, you should keep an eye on the trees in mid-spring as this is the best time for any leaves.

Bean curd

This might sound a bit odd to those who aren’t in the know, but bean curd is actually the scientific name for tofu. Naturally, tofu sounds more appetizing so that’s the name a lot of people go with.


Basil is a very popular herb that people will put on almost anything that has red sauce. You can find it in pizza, spaghetti, and more.


There are many different types of beans in the world. Beans are a very popular vegetable because they offer you loads of vitamins, minerals, and iron.


Barley is the stuff that you see on the top of wheat plants. People used to use this herb to made a grainy cereal. It is one of the most popular grass types.

Bell Peppers

There are three types of bell peppers. Even though they are all the same, the different colors will have a different taste of bitterness. People usually pick all three colors when making a colorful meal.


Broccoli can be found almost anywhere. It looks a lot like a tree, making it a hit among kids. It’s a part of the cabbage family.


These vegetables can be found in most of Canada and the USA by the name of beets. But those across the pond usually call them beetroots because the vegetable looks like a tree root.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is one of the most popular herbs that you can find. Something a lot of people don’t know is that black pepper actually comes from a plant that is considered a fruit.

Black-Eyed Peas

A close relative of the bean family. You can put these peas with almost anything and they will still taste delightful.

Bok Choy

Bok choy is basically the Chinese version of cabbage. It looks, feels, and tastes just like the vegetable. It’s very healthy and you can find it in a lot of Chinese dishes.

Brussels Sprouts

Much like Bok Choy, Brussels are just like cabbage. The only difference is these are a lot smaller in size. So instead of using a single cabbage, you would use many Brussels. 

Bamboo Shoots

This is a sprout from an actual bamboo plant that you can eat. Usually pieces from a bamboo shoot are too hard and aren’t easy to cut into, but the insides are perfect for a crunchy snack.

Desserts, Snacks, And Other Foods That Begin With B

Brownies starting with B


Bread comes in many shapes, flavors and sizes. It’s also one of the first dishes that people learned to create because there was so much wheat available that they would just experiment with it until they formed a ball of dough .


Breadsticks, a lot of people don’t know this, actually originated from Italy. Everyone was so amused seeing a long, thin stick of bread that they continued to make them because it was easier to consume.

Banana Bread

A fun fact about banana bread is that no one really knows where it came from. The origin of banana bread is unknown. People just remember having it without ever remembering where they learned how to make it.

Boston Cream Pie

This is a pie that, naturally, came from Boston. The cake consists of yellow butter cake and a creamy filling. The top is covered with a rich chocolate. It’s truly a fantastic dessert that you should try out if you haven’t already.


If you are looking for something a little less rich, or more chocolatey, you can go with brownies. These delicious cake pieces are created in 1893 in a Chicago hotel. They are now considered just as popular as a traditional cake.


This is a candy bar that is filled with chocolate and peanut butter. It’s a crunchy candy bar, despite the filling sounding like it would give you a different result.


This dessert has a bread-like texture. The pastry is filled with creams, honey, and a variety of nuts.

Banana Cream Pie

Banana cream pie is just like any other pie except it is filled with a whipped cream and bananas. It’s a very simple, yet delicious, treat.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese was created when people realized that cheese that was starting to mold could still be edible. The cheese is much safer to eat now than it was when it was first created.


Butter has been around for so long that the history of it does exist, but not a lot of people know the true origin. What we do know is that our meals and desserts would be a lot more dry without it.

Bran Flakes

Bran flakes is a type of cereal. Mostly people with a fiber deficiency will find themselves eating a bowl for breakfast as the cereal contains a lot of fiber and nutrition. But you can enjoy a bowl even if you don’t require any extra fiber in your diet.

Black Pudding

Don’t be fooled by the name, black pudding is made out of blood sausage. Even though it can be eaten as a snack, it’ not going to be a sweet one.


The burrito, a snack that many of us enjoy in the afternoon, originated in Mexico. Tacos were the first to hit the states, but the burrito was not far behind.

Buttermilk Pancakes

Buttermilk pancakes are one of the most popular breakfast food in America. Everyone loves to start their day with pancakes so much that you can find a breakfast place that sells them almost anywhere.


Buttercream, while a nice dessert on its own, is one of the most popular frosting flavors that you can get. Most people will either get buttercream frosting from the store bakery, or they will make it at home from scratch since it isn’t very hard to do. 


Brie is another type of cheese. Unlike blue cheese, brie is a lot softer and can be more of a milky cheese rather than a solid cheese.


Bagels are originally from Germany, despite what a lot of people think. A bagel is such a breakfast staple that you might have thought it was made in America first, but the original bagel recipe came from Germany.

Ben & Jerry’s

Founded in 1978, Ben & Jerry’s has been an ice cream staple for generations. Whenever you mention going out to get ice cream, most people assume that you are getting Ben & Jerry’s due to how popular and trusted the brand is. This is a yummy food that begins with the letter B.


Alternatively, if you aren’t a fan of Ben & Jerry’s, you will most likely find yourself at Baskin-Robbins. Though the brand is mostly focused on traditional ice cream, their sundaes are some of the best that you can come across.

Meat Foods That Begin With The Letter B

Beef steak food starting with letter b


Beef, while talked about a lot, is more of a fancy meat. People will talk about buying beef, but it isn’t traditional beef unless it is solid with the fat still attached.


Though there are many types of edible fish, bass is one that you will never forget trying. It’s unique flavor makes it stand out when compared to other fish.


Brisket is a fancy meat. You will likely only find it if you are at a meat market, or at a nice restaurant. If you are a fan of meat with amazing flavor, you should give it a shot whenever you get the chance.

Black Cod

Though it is rare, black cod is also a fancy dish that you can find at a nice restaurant. The fish is usually topped with a soy sauce to bring some extra flavor to the meal.


Bacon is made up with a lot of pig fat. But when it is cooked properly, it can be one of the crispiest side dishes you have ever eaten. You can combine it with eggs, toast, or even chili.


This is a special sausage. You can purchase Boudin from the store, but it is usually a lot better when it make it yourself at home so that you can control the seasoning and spices.


Bratwurst is a mix between beef and pork sausage. While it is rare to combine the two to create a new sausage all together, it isn’t something that is uncommon in certain areas of the world.

Beef Wellington

Beef can be prepared in many ways. Beef Wellington puts that to the test by giving you a steak that is cooked thoroughly on the outside, and lightly on the inside. The combination gives you a fun new flavor that you will keep going back to. 


Burgers are another great staple in America. There are very few places that don’t have a local restaurant that sells burgers. But did you know that America isn’t the only place that burgers originated from? A burger variant came from Germany as well. Making it a staple in both countries.

There you go, I hope you enjoyed this list of 53 foods that start with B.

If you know of any other foods that I’ve missed then let please let me know and I’ll add it to the list straight away.


Also, checkout all the foods that start with other letters of the alphabet.

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