28 Foods That Start With D (With Photos)

by Alan Young

In this article, I have listed all the foods that start with D. Including fruits, vegetables and other foods that start with the letter D.

The foods are divided into sections to make it easy for you if you want a particular type of food that starts with D. Also, there’s a quick snippet of info about each food on the list.

There’s not much else to say apart from have fun going through this list.  

Fruit Foods That Start With D

Damson Plum

Photo © Jonathan Billinger (cc-by-sa/2.0)

The damson plum, also called the “damascene” is a drupaceous fruit that is edible, a subspecies of the plum tree. The name damson is are commonly used to the plum native to Great Britain


Picture of dates that start with D

Dates are grown in many regions of the world and are the fruit of the date palm tree. They are very sweet and delicious.


Photo © Ivar Leidus

The dewberries are closely related to blackberries. They look similar to a raspberry but are usually purple to black instead of red.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit is a food starting with d

The Dragon fruit is a bright colored fruit which is said to taste like sweet cross between a kiwi and a pear.


Durian is a native fruit to Borneo. It’s known as a large smelly fruit that is even banned in some places because the smell is so bad. Durian is said to have a strange combination of savory, sweet, and creamy taste all at once


Duku fruits is a tropical fruit that grows in grape-like clusters on trees. The taste is a sweet-tart flavor reminiscent of grapefruit and pomelo.

Double Coconut

The double coconut weighs a whopping 15–30 kg and contains the largest seed in the plant kingdom. The taste is the same as normal coconut.

Davidson Plums

Credit: Creative Commons

Davidson Plums are native to Australia. They are similar to European plums. The taste is described as tart and tangy.

Dead Mans Fingers (Decaisnea fargesii)

I know it’s a weird name for a fruit. The taste is refreshing and sweet. You can find Dead Mans Fingers in Britain and Ireland.

Dekopon Fruit

Dekopon Fruit is a fruit that starts with D

Dekopon Fruit is a seedless and sweet variety of mandarin orange. The Dekopon is native to Japan.

Desert Lime (Citrus glauca)

Desert Lime (Citrus glauca) are native to Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia. The taste is as of any normal lime, citrus sour, and mouth-puckering bitterness.

Dinosaur Eggs (Pluots)

Dinosaur Eggs (Pluots) are a hybrid fruit produced from the genetic cross between a plum and an apricot. These fruits are sweet and juicy, and can also sweet and tart with tangy skins. Yummy.

Doub Palm

Doub Palm is native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The inside of the fruit provides a watery juice that has a very pleasant taste and the flesh has a taste similar to that of coconut.

Dwarf Pawpaw

The Dwarf Pawpaw it is reported to have a banana custard-like flavor. It is native to South East USA.

Vegetables And Herbs That Start With D

Daikon Radish

Picture Daikon Radish with is a vegetable that starts with d

Raw daikon radish is said to have a sweet and lightly spicy flavor. It tends to be milder than a peppery red radish. Daikon radish is native to East Asia.


Raw Dasheen is toxic so it must be cooked. The flavor has been described as a bit like nuts, a bit like vanilla, a bit like sweet potatoes, and has a floral taste to it. Dasheen is native to South Eastern Asia.


Yes Dandelion can be eaten! The taste of Dandelion is both earthy and bitter. It is most commonly used in salads.


Dill has fresh, citrus-like taste, with a slightly grassy undertone and is commonly used as a garnish and seasoning. Dill is native to Mediterranean countries and southeastern Europe.


Damiana is native to the subtropical climates of southern Texas, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Damiana is said to be an aphrodisiac. It is a flavorful herb described as minty and spicy, with a hickory-like taste.

Other Foods Starting With D


Snack starting with the letter D

Mmmm, who doesn’t like these! A deliciously doughy sweet treat. It is said that Donuts may have originated from the Dutch and then brought to the USA in the 17th century. Wherever they came from, they are a western favorite.


Another food starting with the letter D. Dahl originated in the Indian subcontinent and is a delicious lentil dish. Full of flavor.

Duck Meat

Duck meat is described as having a strong gamey tasting flavor. Duck is closer to red meat in flavor than chicken. It is also fattier in comparison to other bird meat such as chicken and turkey meat.

Dumplings (alternatively, dim sum)

Dumplings are said to originate from China and are very similar to the Japanese gyoza. Both being very tasty!


Doritos are a baked tortilla snack that originated from the USA in the 1960s.

Dauphinoise Potatoes

Dauphinoise potatoes are thinly-sliced (not pre-cooked) potatoes that are cook in cream. Dauphinoise originated in France.


Dhokla is an all purpose Indian snack that is described as savoy, sweet and spicy in flavor, with a soft and spongy texture.

Digestives Biscuits

Digestive biscuit is described as a sweet-meal biscuit which originated in Scotland. They are nice dipped in Tea!

Dairy Milk Chocolate

Last on this list of foods that start with D is Dairy Milk chocolate. A chocolate from Britain that is widely popular around the world. Yummy!

That’s it for this list of fruits, vegetables and other foods that start with D.

If there’s any I have missed please let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.

Also, here’s all the other posts with foods starting with other letters if you want to check them out. Thanks!

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